Our patients routinely compliment us on our state-of-the-art dental practice. Whether it is the designer furniture in the waiting room, extremely comfortable chairs in the treatment rooms, or the host of entertainment options for you and your child, you will find that Evydent Dentistry spares no effort to make your visit enjoyable. Read on to see what sets us apart.

Cerec 3D Technology

This amazing CAD/CAM technology will allow you to get your crown or restoration the same day. Great fit, beautiful esthetics and less time. Patients love it. Read more about it.

Zoom Whitening

Experience the great whitening results in just one appointment with the Zoom Whitening technology. See our actual before and after pictures.

Gendex Conescan Machine

We take 3D scans of your mouth so that we can plan implants in a precise and safe manner. It also allows us to take accurate cephalometric and panoramic digital xrays which allows our orthodontist to carefully plan and monitor movements of the teeth and jaw.

The Wand

A great way to achieve single tooth anesthesia. Forget long needles and feeling like half your face is drooping. With the wand you get effective, efficient and virtually painless anesthesia.

Cameras and Dental Software

This allows us to keep track and store your intraoral pictures so that you can monitor the progress of your dental treatment. We provide you with the before and after pictures and you decide whether to instagram them or not!

and so much more...

The subtle things that show we really care: Wifi for each room, Direct TV to entertain you during the procedure, a baby changing station to make it easier for parents with babies, and so much more…